Is the NFT platform the way forward for NFT artwork gross sales? On this video I evaluate the brand new nft platform and talk about simply why it’s such an thrilling improvement internet hosting Snoop Doggs NFT drop



– NFT platform
– Try the app
(Use my referral hyperlink to enroll and we each get $25 USD…or so they are saying anyway)

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🏅 Binance –

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18 days ago

its so easy no etherium gas fees its real simple

Extra Garlicky
2 months ago

I use crypto and binance. Crypto was so easy to sign up and get started. I mainly just use binance for binance futures. Just getting into NFTs.

7 months ago

Where can sell my art as NFT

Doctor Madness Films
7 months ago

I'm planning on putting up my first NFT in the next 2-3 weeks. Still debating where to post it. Should I post it multiple places or is it best to focus on one marketplace?

Shinichu Games
7 months ago

So anyone can submit nfts?

7 months ago

1:56 the story of my life

Sonic Chan
7 months ago

the platform now with limited features(NFT cant withdraw or display on the external app, the NFT created so far is wired as well, especially the video/3D art NFT sounds like a 1/3 of the full version suppose to be… with just 30 seconds)… extremely low trading volume in general, especially for Boy George NFT. I just think they price it too high and the drops open for too long….. which are not good for 2nd hand market transactions… how can that be new revenue stream while the turnover rate so low???? and you can see Kris, their staff are buying the NFT as well… which was so funny…. hope they managed to get Beeple onboarded.

Leo M.
7 months ago

The roughness of this new way of selling digital art is the fun part, slick sites such as this will probably just be a small part within the whole space. Same goes to nifty gateway, Superrare – just one of those boring clubs we’re you need to have a membership to buy water for $50! Open platforms will thrive imo

7 months ago

Another great video dude! Thanks!

7 months ago

Firstly can you create your own NFT on the website? Secondly if I join with the link will I can that money they promise? Thirdly are you guys also as excited as I am for NFT to go BOOOOOM!!! 😆😆😆😆

Todd Dunning
7 months ago

Great job on this

Ricardo Carnauba
7 months ago

Thanks for sharing

Ricardo Carnauba
7 months ago

Uoww, first one getting here. 🙂