The place I purchase NFTs:

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The Subsequent $100,000 NFTs (The place to Purchase NFTs)
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*None of that is meant to be construed as funding recommendation, it is for leisure functions solely. The hyperlinks above embrace affiliate fee or referrals. I am a part of an affiliate community and I obtain compensation from partnering web sites. The video is correct as of the posting date however is probably not correct sooner or later.

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Crypto Guy
22 days ago

#Altura #ALU is a smart contract platform that allows game developers to mint,

distribute and transact Smart NFTs representing in-game items. #ALU #NFTCommunity

#NFTs #Gaming #SmartNFT's

Dezmond Hallman
22 days ago

You’ve introduced me to so much new income streams is there a way you could teach me more 1v1 or at least like a discord or other group for us

vik S
22 days ago

Thanks bro

22 days ago

Man I wish I could invest in Pokemon, Magic The Gathering and Yui-Gi-Oh stocks! I can't find them anywhere… They're probably not public companies right?

Yes Xenos
22 days ago

Thank for this post. I now am more informed bout nfts.

22 days ago

You can invest in NFTs or you’re bidding to buy??

22 days ago

Somewhat unrelated, but could you do a video on investing terms and what they mean? I don’t know many but things that come to mind are market order, limit order, stop loss, stop limit, trailing stop loss, trailing stop limit, calls and puts?
Trying to understand how best and when to employ them

22 days ago

Not convinced, but open to the possibilities. Music seems subjective and sports…again, not there yet. Maybe the art, but that is soo subjective, but I guess that is the point. One mans trash, is another’s treasure.