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May 11, 2019
Dubai “The Life Changer” - Dubai City Company
Dubai “The Life Changer”
May 13, 2019
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There is a place in this world which is called “Dubai”

We are all love the UAE - There is a place in this world Which is called “Dubai”

We are all love the UAE

There is a place in this world which is called “Dubai”

There is a place in this world which is called “Dubai”. “DUBAI” a place to relax your cluttered mind. It has been a road of success stories for many who wanted to attain and reach the goals of their careers. The United Arab Emirates, It has been a different world for beautiful travellers around the globe. Generally speaking, who after visiting this exotic destination unwind their mind body and soul. It has been stunning 15 years for me to be a part of this world. Each and every day is magical in this wonderland. Each time Dubai unveils something beautiful which creates enchanted moments for visitors and tourist.

My personal Testimony on Dubai. I came like a stranger in this country and now feel like a part of it.  It gave me my family and fond memories to treasure and received loved and support beyond measure. It’s made me shine in many ways and gave me hope in my gloomy days. The leader of this country is a persona to admire Strong-willed, dedicated, disciplined yet humble and caring. It is his guidance and vision that has made Dubai land into a Wonderland. He is a role model, someone, I Look up to.

Hospitality, warmth and provide each guest with a mystic experience is the promise of Dubai. Moreover, visitor visiting here with questions and confusions are sure to return back with a big smile on their faces. Let me make you feel Dubai and let’s begin with.

Burj Al Arab Hotel

There is a place in this world Which is called “Dubai”

The bright white exteriors of Burj Al Arab take form in the night. As projections and light shows are displayed on its structure in a mesmerising dance. Credit: Burj Al Arab Facebook

Burj Al Arab-The Iconic Hotel located on the Jumeirah road overlooking the Arabian Gulf. Emirates is a place to calm down and empty yourself from stress and worries. Also of the world the luxury and the ambience of the hotel makes you fall in love with the personalized service and ambience it offers the guest. Jumeirah Madinat Jumeirah– If you ever wish to feel like a Prince or a Princess there would not be another place or maybe I should address it as a palace.

The Royalty and setting of the hotel are such that guest who visits this place is sure to feel the royalty. If I have to list down all the luxury hotels and speak about them it would be too many but yes I would name a few which have made me and my guest feel different and also given an accomplished feeling each time I have visited them Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Atlantis the Palm, Fairmont Dubai, Armani located in Burj Khalifa etc etc.

Visitors who have great taste buds can enjoy all the various cuisine Seafood, Arabic grills, yummy Italian foods, The Indian Delicacy chats, striking appetizers and the tempting desserts served in different restaurants around Dubai. Guest can eat to their fill and relish the luscious food to seal their ravening stomach.

Dubai, the United Arab Emirates is Great!

I personally have many favourite restaurants but to name a few which has laid a memorable impression on my heart is Pierchic located on Pier overlooking the beautiful sea makes you enjoy your food while the cool breeze caresses your hair, Amla Restaurant located in Jumeirah Zabeel Saray gives an authentic feeling of Indian culture and taste of India, Al Mahara Seafood Restaurant – Located in Burj Al Arab you can enjoy the delicious while watching the beauty of sea creatures.  

There are many beautiful places yet to explore but each restaurant has its own signature dishes, atmosphere, services sequence and splendour to cherish which gives the guest a WOW experience and adds to their memory lane.

Dubai Spa and well-being centres

Those who believe in healthy living and love to pamper their inner being can easily escape to different Spa’s. Moreover, well-being centres located in Dubai will name a few The Moksha Spa, Talise Spa, as well as, the Armani Spa etc. With the choices of special treatment available is provided to the guest according to their mood. After their treatment surely the guest feels blissful and their soul completely surrenders themselves to the peaceful feeling inside.

There is a place in this world Which is called “Dubai”

Ladies and girls addicted to shopping will never be discontented as they can find everything they desire on the planet here in Dubai. For example, branded clothes, stunning accessories, home decors, healthy foods, groceries to the Garden decors. Gentlemen are sure to get hooked up with the various electronic gadgets available in the exciting malls and the Car showrooms with best sports cars will surely drive them crazy.

Things to do in Dubai with kids

Kids & Guest who love a thrill, adventure and sightseeing Dubai have many attractions to visit and get mesmerized with places such as Dubai theme park, Desert Safari, Dubai Creek, Dubai Museum and Jumeirah Mosque, The Glow Garden and many more to go.

Kids who come here are sure to have a feeling of them been in Alice in wonderland and will be startled with the numerous adventure available in several places like the fun city, The Dolphin Aquarium, Kidzenia, The Magic Planet, Legoland, The IMG World, Aqua venture waterparks, Wild Wadi Water parks it’s going to surely keep them busy and surprised as they visit the different places would make them feel to stay there forever.

Dubai is for all those who came to seek career opportunities!

Dubai has also been the favourite commercial hub for many and training ground, a guide and mentor for all those who came to seek career opportunities. There are many stories of rags to riches, zero to the hero who found their success and achieved their dream goal in this land.

The ladder extended to the newcomers and the challenge seekers has rooted many by deepening their knowledge and polishing them to shine like stars.

Last but not least all I have to say is Dubai is a magical place with its own beauty, culture and experiences beyond fancies. Dubai flourishes and keeps booming in every aspect hence every repeated Guest when he visits again has something different to experience. Dubai is a place to create unforgettable memories in each and every moment spent here. Love Dubai & Feel Dubai. Let me conclude it with a poem.

There is a place in this world which is called “Dubai”

For my loved Dubai, Poem

There is a place in this world

Which is called “Dubai” The dream world

Tempting, Exciting, beyond imagination

I bet you it’s the world best creation

Kids, Family, Couples and Elders here

Everyone can experience hospitality and care

Dubai always strive to bring dreams and imagination alive.

It’s Simple, Serene and Grand

The beauty and blessing will hail forever on this land.


Vallina Salvi

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