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Is Dubai The Ideal Destination for Young Families?
June 4, 2019
Why Is Dubai So Popular With South East Asian Visitors?
Why Is Dubai So Popular With South East Asian Visitors?
June 8, 2019
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Things you should know about working in Dubai



Things you should know about working in Dubai

Dubai is a cosmopolitan and smart city popular for many good reasons such as being a business, commercial and tourism hub. With about 85% of its 3 million estimated population being expatriate, the modern city has seen people from all walks of life relocating to live and work here. There are many reasons which make Dubai not only welcoming to tourists but a peaceful haven for residents.

Government and private institutions and systems are regulated by laws which work in Dubai, so whichever sector you find yourself you should know and understand your rights before accepting a job offer. Labour groups are not very popular here, however, the UAE labour laws take care of every aspect of the workforce to ensure they work in a fair, safe and healthy environment.

The political system is based on the UAE’s Constitution

Things you should know about working in Dubai
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Things you should know about working in Dubai

There are always institutions in both the government and private sectors which makes sure that labour issues are handled effectively and efficiently between employers and employees. It is the responsibility of both parties to ensure that the right processes are followed in terms of documentation and benefits. Once this is done, the law makes provision for aggrieved parties in the case of issues occurring during or after employment. On the website, you will find information regarding benefits and incentives, working hours, shifts and holidays and all rights of employers and employees.

When you are new to Dubai or are changing jobs, make sure to read and know the labour laws. Understand these laws and be part of the process of implementing them before, during and after your employment with your chosen organisation. If you would like further explanations to any clause that may not be clear to you, contact any of the labour centres and there will be a representative available to help you.

Taxation System Explained

Dubai offers tax-free income to everyone working on a personal salary. This is one of the reasons which has attracted expats from all countries in the world to the city. People leave their countries to work in order to achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their families. The idea of not having to pay tax over one’s income is a welcome relief for anyone working in Dubai. Lifestyle is a choice, so you may decide on how you want to live based on your income. However, you know for sure that whatever amount you earn comes to you in full without having any deducted as tax. For people who are keen on saving, working in Dubai will afford you the opportunity.

If there were to be a roll call held for nationalities from every country on earth in Dubai, you will find a representative for each! This is how diverse the workforce in Dubai and the UAE as a whole is. For people looking for multi and cross-cultural working experience, you have chosen the right city. It is not very common to find organisations with a workforce comprising of people from only a particular nationality though this is possible.

The most common however is that you will get to share your working environment with colleagues from different continents and countries. The beauty of this is the fact that they are able to work together as a team in harmony to achieve business and organisational objectives. You will get to learn about different cultures, temperaments, mannerisms, languages and the general way of living by different people from different countries. Most organisations organize traditional events where team members get opportunities to bond and showcase rich cultures from their respective countries.

Things you should know about working in Dubai
Things you should know about working in Dubai

Dubai’s crime rate

Dubai is one of the safest cities to live in, with crime rates relatively low. Security services here are very effective ensuring that residents and tourists are law abiding. Logically, people should be self-aware of their security no matter where they are in the world but is important to know that you reside in a city where safety issues are given attention and efforts are always being made to improve on security.

There are several jobs in Dubai which require working late or running shifts, and knowing that a city is a safe place will allow you to go about your normal business without worrying much. Being a safe city also means that there will be increased confidence in raising families here. There are several facilities and infrastructure that make Dubai a place where you can live, work and stay with your family. So, if you are considering relocating with your family to Dubai there’s not much reason not to do so.

Things you should know about working in Dubai
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Things you should know about working in Dubai

Conclusion in Dubai

Dubai is the main business and commercial hub in the Middle East region, hence most multinational companies are headquartered or have branches in the city. Arabic and English are widely spoken here. Working and living in Dubai will give you a firm footing and exposure you need to compete in the global workspace. Working in Dubai will equip you with professionalism and ethics needed to propel your career to the next level. Most people have used Dubai as a stepping stone to immigrate to other countries of their choice, as the processes are much easier for residents living or working here. With international exposure, it is easier to work anywhere in the world.

Dubai is an Amazing Place!
Things you should know about working in Dubai

A land of endless opportunity, Dubai still remains a place to build dream careers. There are several employment opportunities with ongoing construction projects, tourism, hospitality, technology and many more. With the Expo2020 just around the corner, even more, opportunities abound for landing your dream job in Dubai. The UAE as a whole is a very tolerant country that encourages diversity hence you can find people of all religions here, having a place of worship.

For those who are keen on entrepreneurship, you are not left out. Doing business in Dubai has been made relatively easy through various initiatives by the government to encourage private and public sector participation in entrepreneurial activities. This is evident in the number of investors doing business in Dubai as well as local and homegrown businesses springing up and blooming. Infrastructure is top-notch, and as a major aviation hub, the City is strategically located to facilitate easy travel globally. Quality of life is good, and leisure facilities are easy to find.

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Dubai – UAE
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