Are you able to flip a bodily paintings like a portray or a sculpture into an NFT? YES, you may! On this brief tutorial we check out a number of totally different choices you have got as an artist.

NFTs defined:

NFTs Q&A Session:

Tips on how to flip you artwork into an NFT:

○ Wacom Intuos Professional –
○ Wacom Cintiq 16 –
○ 3DConnexion SpaceMouse Professional –
○ EIZO FlexScan –
○ Headset –

○ Canon EOS-200D –
○ Studio Mic –
○ Tripod –

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Tiffanie Mang
18 days ago

Hi! Could you do a video on the fees that it takes to upload your work into NFT? i've watched some videos talking about that, like this, and it quite alot!

Daniel Hémond
18 days ago

Please come visit my nft collection on open sea under name danichan lok at : my digital work art

Estevan Martinez
18 days ago

This does not explain how to turn a physical piece of artwork into an nft. Just a bunch of information on other people's work.

Joshua Grant
20 days ago

What about the situation where the owner of a physical piece of art (but not the artist) turns the piece into an NFT?

Makkedah Wells
21 days ago

Did I miss something? This video DID NOT showcase how to even transform my art into a digital version. What the heck? Click bait. 😑

Steven Macdougall
21 days ago

Hi, would it be better if your original painting was square as in painted on a square canvas

Jonathan K
22 days ago

But cant the estate of Picasso claim copyright infringement and take all assets and proceeds legally? Seems silly without express copyright

Bernard Hoste
23 days ago

hi – do i understand you can use existing paintings of ‘other’ artists and digitally ‘change’ it with layers, colors, adding images, …. For example the picasso bull?

Ozan Cagli
24 days ago

i am not an artist but I have an painting exemplar is it possible to make an not of it

25 days ago

6:49 no fucking way lmaooooo

Patty Harris
26 days ago

I still don't know the steps to make digital art from my paintings. Sad

rufus robinson
28 days ago

Hello I love your video am an Artist from Nigeria a digital n a conventional painter I would be grateful if you send the website to start my NFT I know about metamask as wallet so I didn't get the niftygateway please I need the spelling of the website thank you

Soothing sounds
29 days ago

Want a more in depth video:

Antonio Esnaurrizar
29 days ago

Quick question. My father in law has a physical painting from 1800 which was apparently painted by someone close to Picasso. Can I digitize this image and upload it as an NFT? If so how would I digitize it? can I just take a picture and upload it or do I need to convert it into an anime picture? Thanks for sharing all these great videos with us.

Salkis Re
1 month ago

This is amazing.. the interpretation of value and ownership is changing right before our eyes.
I create reproductions if originals through printing but I also paint over the reproductions to make them look and feel like an original. Based on these new definitions, I think I create another original when I alter the reproduction.

Does this change the status for claiming what's original or a print for tangible paintings too?

So the token stores the value and the value can be sold or traded?
So the future of art is projections of art pieces onto somebody's wall instead of having the tangible piece..

Mike Fields Sculptures

If I choose to sell a physical version separate from the NFT, should I state precisely what I am doing in the description of the NFT? Typically, with my physical works, I am bound to the the limitations I set forth in my Certificate of Authenticity, but I am not seeing these boundaries stated clearly with NFT's.

Nhyce Collection
1 month ago

Can one digitize a random artwork online created by someone else into NFTs???

Marginal Mystery
1 month ago

Just found this and its a great breakdown for a physical artist looking to enter the nft space. Thanks!

Phil Taphouse
1 month ago

Can anyone explain to me, as a non-artist, why i would have a digital version which i can only look at on the computer, compared to a physical piece which i can put on my wall and enjoy all the time (plus my friends?)