UAE long-term visa cost announced

, UAE long-term visa cost announced
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, UAE long-term visa cost announced
Long-term UAE residency visas with 10-year
validity, which were rolled out earlier this year, can now be obtained for as
low as Dh1,150 while the five-year-visa will cost only Dh650, the UAE
government announced.
According to eligibility criteria announced
earlier, investors in public investment or senior professionals working with
the investors, as well as exceptional talents and researchers in various
domains, qualify for the 10-year visas.
Investors and professionals falling in the
approved categories can apply to issue or renew the 10-year visa for Dh1,150
(Dh150 for the application and Dh1,000 for issuance). Family members of the
applicants can also avail 10 years’ visas at the same cost.
Meanwhile, the authorities also announced the
cost of five-year visas, which will be issued for D650 (Dh150 for application
and Dh500 for issuance).
Those eligible for five-year visas include
investors in real estate, entrepreneurs, executive directors of entrepreneurs
and retired expatriate professionals as well as their family members. Top
achievers among students with exceptional talents and their family members can
also get the five-year visas at Dh650.
Children sponsored by their parents after
completing 18 years or after finishing high school or university

can apply for a
one-year renewable visa at Dh100.

Widows and divorced women and their children
can also extend their one-year residency visas for Dh100. These two categories
will be charged Dh100 for the issuance of the visa while no application cost
will be charged.
The authorities also announced fee details for
single and multi-entry visas for exceptional talents and researchers in various
sectors. Both single and multi-entry visas valid for 180 days will cost Dh1,100
(Dh100 for the application and Dh1000 for issuance).

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