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*A few of these hyperlinks might also be affiliate hyperlinks.

NFT Overview Video: https://youtu.be/VecNo4raNUY

Nifty Gateway: https://niftygateway.com/collections
Rarible: https://app.rarible.com/
SuperRare: https://superrare.co/market
AtomicHub: https://wax.atomichub.io/

This video covers the nonetheless new and tremendous attention-grabbing world of NFT crypto paintings. NFTs are distinctive as they supply a technique to show that the digital artwork was created and bought by the precise creator, and never merely re-uploaded be another person making an attempt to steal their work. This enables for a possibility to purchase “unique” digital paintings in a means that wasn’t beforehand doable.

I am going to cowl 4 high spots to purchase NFT paintings proper now that are: Nifty Gateway, Rarible, SuperRare, and AtomicHub. Every market has its personal distinctive quirks, and all of them have a ton of attention-grabbing gadgets to purchase in addition to supply the chance to promote.

Have any questions on what you’ve got seen within the video? Be at liberty to go away a remark!

Intro – 0:00
What are NFTs? – 0:25
Nifty Gateway – 2:34
Rarible – 5:48
SuperRare – 8:58
AtomicHub – 11:13
Conclusion – 15:52

#NFT #NFTArt #CryptoArt


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27 days ago

Thanks for sharing 👍

Flowstate Paint
27 days ago

thank you for helping me understand how nfts validate digital artists.

Harlow Money
27 days ago

The nft is coded once it has been minted…

27 days ago

Someone who finally explains what nft really is 🤣

Jamal Hunt
27 days ago

Cost 666.00? Ek…

27 days ago

Can you ask your own price on rareble, how do you set you price of your work ?

27 days ago

How can you spot whether the artwork being sold is original and not copied/screenshoted from one site and sold on another?

Matheus Paier
27 days ago

for the kids who borned yesterday: wash of money exist since the middle ages, will be the same in the digital world

Chante Moody
27 days ago

I enjoyed this video, thank you. 😃

Paul Kozar
27 days ago

Way to go Matt! Thanks for making a video! You're a rock star!

Sun Stance
27 days ago

Hey Matt, not sure if u've answered this already but can one.. and is it advisable to include the same works on multiple platforms? Or is it best to just choose one?

Michael Oates
27 days ago

Matt, would you be interested in doing a review video on TasteNFT's NFT marketplace launching June 30th?

Annkur Kumar
27 days ago

I know Photoshop. Is it possible to create NFT art with photoshop? If yes!! how? And where and how to sell it??

Alan Abaza
27 days ago

Hi Matt , does the art work need to be solely by the artist
Coz I bought couple pieces of art last year from an artist and I own them with COA
Also can you upload a 100 year old original picture to rarible after converting it to NFTs

loren salazar
27 days ago

The fact of the matter is , , ,
qualified professional artists can no longer get access to any of the top NFT sales platforms.
The application process either does not function, is way too limited, or the site wants new artist
to be "recommended" by existing contributors.

Until there is a viable solution, this whole market means nothing to most quality digital artists.
This also limits what buyers have exposure to for their collections.
This video also fails to stress the high cost of offering work for sale on even the secondary sites
in regards to upload fees and commissions.
Many artists posting on available secondary sites will never recover the costs associated with listing there.

NFT sales are still a mess and are worthy of being ignored until this mess goes through substantial
shake-out and more viable options are available for sellers & buyers..

Blue Sky
27 days ago

Justin Roiland – what a shitty artwork… God…

27 days ago

Thank you good Sir.

Miller Daniel
27 days ago

#NFTARTFinance #nft.art #nftart 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀💯🔥best krypto

Bre Blizz
27 days ago

Letting the ads run through just to get you revenue 😘🙏🏻

Rae Rae
27 days ago

What do you think of opensea in comparison to the websites you mentioned? And can you list an artwork on multiple sites at once?

Rae Rae
27 days ago

NFT art galleries are gonna be so cool when VR becomes super advanced

Francisco Cardoso Soares

Matt, thank you for sharing your knowledge!
For those who want to know my art and are interested in buying, just access the link: https://rarible.com/token/0xd07dc4262bcdbf85190c01c996b4c06a461d2430:503889:51xcf5440c58901e788dec61eb5563a321d440151b6

John Carter
27 days ago

ummm $666 for that NFT…are you even aware what is going on here??…they elites just laugh at the masses, they even telegraph their demonic moves and the sheeple just bah…smh

Cristina Lodriguito
27 days ago

Awesome content! NFFT will be a great way to showcase NFT’s. you should explore it!

Geek Assets
27 days ago

What about Opensea? Can you give your thoughts on that platform compared to the others?

John Eagan
27 days ago

Matt thanks for all the information!!!!!
I too have been an artist my whole life! I've been in many many national publications.
Recently a piece of artwork I created was featured in "USA Today" and "Ripley's Believe it or Not". Among other publications!
I believe my work is rare because I've never allowed it to be for sale!
Until NFTs were created!
If you googled wax bust of Jesus by John Eagan , you will discover a unique bust of Jesus created as the…. only kind in the world!
I'm selling an NFT right now entitled
" The Grabbing Machine".
It's here for your consideration if you're curious…..

27 days ago

Pulled 2 of 2 minted foil ultra rare Kogyaru from a pack last night. Number 1 for sale for like 350k I have the 2nd one. This creator has more collections with way more items in the collection. Im thinking I might ba able to get a pretty good profit here. Any advice?

Elizabeth Buttler
27 days ago

From a starving artist, thanks for sharing, wish me luck <3

Muhammad Nur Amin
27 days ago

7:05 The background is so satisfied can you tell me how to make the background, please!

Greg Lialios
27 days ago

The lean whiskey alarmingly confess because discussion endosonographically hand anenst a acidic alphabet. amazing, poor park

Sergio Woods
27 days ago

Rich people and their BULLSHIT. Fuck outta here, this is theft pure and simple.

Agostinho Serra
27 days ago

Great vídeo Matt. Thank you for sharing.
Just curious… why didn't talk about OpenSea? Have you try it?

27 days ago

Is niftygateway the only marketplace where you can buy nfts in dollars? Like with the other ones you NEED to have crypto?