Understanding Cryotherapy and Its Benefits

, Understanding Cryotherapy and Its Benefits
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, Understanding Cryotherapy and Its Benefits

Feeling exhausted, stressed out or are you looking for a quick spa treatment that resets your body’s vital functions? It is time to give Cryotherapy at ShuiQi Spa Dubai a try!

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, which literally means ‘cold therapy’, is an innovative technique wherein the body is exposed to extremely low temperatures (-125°C) in a CryoTreatment Chamber. Triggering a set of chain reactions in the body, including an immediate rush of blood through the blood system and drainage of lymph fluid in the lymphatic system at a furious pace; resulting in increased blood circulation, decrease of any inflammation in the body and release of an exhilarating rush of natural energy.

Popular with athletes and professionals, and is used to help treat a wide variety of chronic conditions and ailments – such as insomnia, aching joints and sore muscles – and to improve blood circulation, increase collagen production and boost metabolism.

Cryotherapy at ShuiQi

Prices start from AED 350 per session. You can avail the special price of AED 2,200 for 10 sessions (saving you 36%!) for lasting results.

1 session for AED 350 | 3 sessions for AED 900 5 sessions for AED 1,250 | 10 sessions for AED 2,200

Book your Cryotherapy session today!

The Many Benefits of Cryotherapy

If you have recently suffered an injury, experienced low energy, or wanted to flush out toxins from your body, you should learn more about how Cryotherapy can benefit your health. Cryotherapy benefits many ailments and chronic conditions, some of the top five benefits are listed below:

1. Boosts Metabolism

Cryotherapy raises the body’s basal metabolic rate by 200 to 300 calories, roughly the same amount of calories burnt with 45 minutes of daily exercise. The calories burnt during this process produces heat, which is used to keep the body warm and maintain the resting body temperature. This further leads to a boost in your metabolism.

2. Muscle and Injury Recovery

Cryotherapy re-circulates blood to the vital organs where it is naturally detoxified and oxygenated. So, upon completing a Cryotherapy session, the hyper-nourished blood rich in anti-inflammatory proteins is circulated throughout the body, which combats pain and inflammation, and assists in in injury recovery and repair.

3. Anti-Aging Effects

Cryotherapy sessions can help with natural signs of ageing. The skin is flushed with healthy new blood cells, which deliver oxygen and nourishment for a healthy glow after a Cryotherapy. Further stimulating collagen cell production under the skin, causing the naturally produced collagen to shrink pores and smooth out wrinkles.

4. Reduces Insomnia

Exposure to the extreme cold inside of the CryoTreatment Chamber produces ‘feel-good’ hormones called endorphins (which enhances mood and acts as a sedative) and norepinephrine, a hormone primarily involved in the sleep-wake cycle. These hormones released by the central nervous system improve the sleep cycle and help with pain relief.

5. Helps with Weight Loss

Although Cryotherapy is not a weight-loss therapy, it can assist with your weight loss plan. When the body gets extremely cold, it works really hard to stay warm, and this is exactly what happens when you undergo a standard CryoTreatment session, wherein your body burns approximately 500-800 calories in a span of just 3 minutes!

Book your Cryotherapy session at ShuiQi Spa today and take advantage of all the positive effects!

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