VeVe 5 Most Beneficial NFTs Defined | Cavell Anderson

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Dan Schawbel
11 days ago

I generally agree on the comics but would argue that a 9.8 graded Marvel Comics #1 if it existed would be the most valuable comic. That’s why it’s the most expensive on VeVe because collectors can’t get their hands on the physical version. You can buy all the others on eBay but ZERO MC1 exist.

Armani Webb
11 days ago

What do you think of ultra rare Steve Pugh Harley quin?

Justin H⭕lmes
11 days ago

The interesting thing about number of editions and comics, specifically commons, is that we are so early that every person can and probably does hold an average of 10 commons. Which means there are for example only 3000 players in the market even though there are 30,000 editions.

Jeremy Olson
11 days ago

Would it be worth selling Superman to get SR comic?

Hammer Projekt
11 days ago

Comics aren’t real nfts

11 days ago

Micky and walt about to be 10k in 24hrs it at almost 7k sheeesh

11 days ago

Thanks, needed the encouragement to hold my comics that have potential.

SunBound T.M.
11 days ago

I own 60 amazing spiderman comics

Mark Udan
11 days ago

Bro, this is kinda off topic, but I haven’t heard anyone talk about this and I just couldn’t wait to speculate, lol. I just googled the most valuable photographs and found some very expensive results! I wonder if VeVe could be into this as well…

Mauricio Arellano
11 days ago

Comic books are the best steals right now

11 days ago

You gotta understand that the value of real comics are completely different though. There's very limited comics in mint condition. None are actually perfect condition. Nfts have 50k of the same comic. There's value still but nothing crazy. I do own one of each on veve though 😂

Dance BuddhaPanda劉冠詳舞蹈與音樂工作室

this film is very very GOOOOOOOOOD

gino tedeschi
11 days ago

Batman detective #27 comic sold for over 1mil as well!

Brandon Delahoussaye
11 days ago

The golden moments so far are most valuable

Andrew Ellis
11 days ago

The 3 comic collection is a must for sure. Comparing their real world value shows they have built up amazing collectors over time and for the prices you can get them at, it's well worth the jump IMO

11 days ago

TODD MCFARLANE BATMAN is the very first ever minted on Veve.
That one will have major value, not only because it's the first but because
it's the best looking Batman and will look cool when you can use it in Games.

11 days ago

The one thing I think is non of the comics will be valuable instead of SR. Why would millionaires want to pay for UR when they can just get the secret rare to flex?

11 days ago

Where are the omi moonbois prediction lies? Give up? Only veve!

11 days ago

Cavell excellent content with this one. I was waiting for this type of stuff to be released, been collecting star wars, JP, Batman, Predator (Disney) & TMNT etc for year and years and even had Hand Signed Darth Vader Boba Fett Super rare items including many extremely rare SW This is what bought be to VeVe. Always been a Collector always will be 👍

Bailey Sumpton
11 days ago

Just bought some sub 1000 Fantastic Fours for $199, crazy how cheap these are right now compared to the long term price of them. Also bought some sub 1000 Labicorns which will be huge when Immutable X rolls out. Some very good prices for sub 1000 mints on the market right now.

Mr collector28
11 days ago


Ryan K
11 days ago

Haha did anyone notice cp-3o's huge hard on…haha 😄

Edwin Dugan
11 days ago

The Mickey gold statue you showed in the video was actually Euros so it was worth more than the spiderman. 3.5 million euros is about 4 million dollars. Crazy

11 days ago

Does Elsa have a hidden pen on the side of her shoe?

goose neck
11 days ago

The Spiderman secret rare nft is and will be the most valuable nft ever minted not some stupid ass comic come on man

11 days ago

Avengers Kang uncommon comic is technically first appearance of ironman as an NFT, and it’s currently only 10 more gems than the common lol 2250 editions compared to 6000

11 days ago

hey i love your channel thank you for all you do! just subscribed

Bboy Steve
11 days ago

Love the content

11 days ago

Omi to the Moon!

Hugues Aubert
11 days ago


11 days ago

Dr.Doom NFT underrated asf aswell. Floor shot to 600 before but it’s still undervalued in my opinion