So what are NFTs all about? And the way can they be utilized in decentralized finance? You’ll discover solutions to those questions on this video.

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Okay, so let’s begin with what NFTs truly are. NFTs stand for non-fungible tokens and they’re one of many forms of cryptographic tokens that may symbolize possession of digitally scarce items equivalent to items of artwork or collectibles.

“Non-fungible” will not be a highly regarded phrase so let’s see what it actually means.
In economics, fungibility is the attribute of products or commodities the place every particular person unit is interchangeable and indistinguishable from one another.

Though NFTs will be carried out on any blockchain that helps sensible contract programming, probably the most noticeable examples are ERC-721 and ERC-1155 requirements on Ethereum.

Relating to DeFi, NFTs can unlock much more potential for decentralized finance. At the moment in DeFi, the overwhelming majority of DeFi lending protocols are collateralized. Some of the attention-grabbing concepts is to make use of NFTs as collateral. Because of this now you’d be capable of provide an NFT representing a chunk of artwork, digital land or perhaps a tokenised actual property, as collateral and borrow cash in opposition to it.

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1 year ago

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1 month ago

This whole crypto market is so foreign, so complex, it'll take years, decades before gaining mass adoption. I switched out after 1 minute.

Aryan Chillal
1 month ago

One of the potential I see for NFTs is they can be implemented in real-estate market each nft representing value of land/property trading would be really convenient

masir lebouki
2 months ago

I'm happy to join a project like this, I think it will be a very extraordinary in futur.

2 months ago

have you tried yield parrot?. high apr/apy. hidden gem

John Fong
2 months ago

Insightful content in plain English that is digestible and retainable with helpful graphics.

Austria Kovalenko
2 months ago

Your info was helpful, however, I'm sorry, your voice is so difficult to understand! And it's quite inconsistent with tone and punctuation, which makes it hard to follow your well out together content. Other than that, thank you.

Yuliya Cher
2 months ago

Thank you!

Ashutosh Belwal
2 months ago

Thank you.. 💐

Erik Evertsen
2 months ago

Great video!

2 months ago

Mindblowingly great video.

tapas sew
2 months ago

nfts would be in a way easier to buy if you always would pay with tether

Naye Blackz
3 months ago

He got to technical

3 months ago

Could anyone create a nft ?!!

Francisco Barba Jr
3 months ago

Do you think you could do an updated video on NFT’s considering the market boom pls

Geraden K
3 months ago

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Geraden K
3 months ago

BITCOIN BOTS!! On Opensea. Don't miss this opportunity.

Geraden K
3 months ago

BITCOIN BOTS!! On Opensea. Don't miss this opportunity.

Julio Gudiño
3 months ago

Amazing! Thanks for sharing so much of your knowledge. Tree Defi is the most interesting use of NFTs I've heard about lately 🌳 Curious to find out about other applications that are evolving the space from store of value to something with a bigger bang 🤔

Mariano Mollo
3 months ago

I see NFTs useful also for subscriptions, memberships to communities etc.

3 months ago

Are you buying Fanzies NFT before the Mint? would you get involved?

Kaptajn Sejersen
3 months ago

Thumbs up for him or her who watches this for the first time and actually understands it. 🙂

Johannes Jacobs
3 months ago

Patents, copyrights, trade marks and designs

Alma C
4 months ago

Your channel is fantastic!

4 months ago


Rodrigo Freitas
4 months ago

I saw the whole video and i understood almost nothing, this is complex lol

5 months ago

Thank you so much! After this video i have completely understood that i still have no idea how NFTs work 😂