What Marketers Need to Know Now to be Ready for Holiday Shopping Season

, What Marketers Need to Know Now to be Ready for Holiday Shopping Season
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, What Marketers Need to Know Now to be Ready for Holiday Shopping Season

Labor Day may have just happened, but the 2020 holiday shopping season is already here.

COVID-19 has set off a chain reaction that will culminate in Q4, and for marketers, this means plans and best practices need to be re-re-reviewed. Why? Because of:

  • Amazon’s decision to move Prime Day to the first week of October will pull forward holiday spending and purchase behavior earlier
  • The same-day and next-day delivery that online shoppers have grown accustomed to will no longer be reliable with an uptick in e-commerce demand
  • Black Friday crowds will be a thing of the past as stores close their doors to reduce risk
  • A divisive election is underway that could have ramifications on consumer spending, behavior and consumption (not to mention taxing the mail service further)
  • There’s the cultural shift from in-person to virtual which will alter the holidays (and gift giving)
  • Plus many more issues and/or considerations

To help guide marketers during this crucial sales period, we’ve put together 12 specific actions brands should be taking, across four different areas. This report is packed with data, insight and advice on what to consider as we head into a season of ambiguity. You will learn:

  • Current and anticipated holiday consumer search trends and what you can do to compile large wins leading up to historical peak days
  • The shift from physical to digital shopping practices and the effects it will have on retailers
  • How safety expectations have shifted consumers interactions with retailers and the heightened importance of convenience
  • How the election will impact consumer sales and how you can prepare for the unknown

Check out the full report here and get ready for the holidays unlike any other.

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