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Aiming To Be One Of The Most Futuristic Cities In The World
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What you should be doing in Dubai?

What you should be doing in Dubai

What you should be doing in Dubai

What you should be doing while you searching for a job in Dubai?

Well, while you are searching for a job in Dubai. There are a few things you need to know before you apply. And of course, we all know is no easy task to accomplish. The hardest point is to keep your mind straight to the point. Never get down and keep your mind set up to success. Be honest it is easy to write. Much harder to manage.

While you will be searching for work in the Middle East, there are a few things you should avoid. Especially if we are talking about job searching in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The ability to Think Overcomes the ability to see!

What you should be doing in Dubai
What you should be doing in Dubai?

Most Common Job Search Mistakes to Avoid

1. Too Much Information in Your Resume

The career experience for sure doesn’t work on a curriculum vitae unless you write exact necessary experience for a job offer. The best one is the one that shows what you have to offer the potential employer in the Middle East.

Your CV should be about what you can offer the recruiter or HR manager. Because this is the only thing that matter for the employer. The worst thing about your cv is to write what you want in a job offer. Make sure to include only valuable experience. For example, you don’t need to include 34 years of work history since you have started selling each cigarette for $1 in the local community. There is not necessary to include your high school graduation date, or what you like to do in your day off.

Who is the main competitor of yours?

Thousands of people sending their own CV to Dubai. So, generally speaking, you only have around 3 seconds to make an impression on recruiter or HR manager. So make sure your CV it’s a good one before you send it over to the HR department. 

The main people who are searching for jobs in Dubai are Indians, Pakistani and Iranians. You can be sure that most of them working extremally hard to get a job in the Middle East. Most of the foreign workers are checking Dubai blogs for tips in job searching. And they are using the knowledge to receive employment offers much faster than you!.

2. Never Add Too Much Information in Your Cover Letter

Dubai’s hiring managers and HR department executives don’t need to read about the personal stupid experience. While you failed or received high schools king of the bar achievement. 

You should only place the reason why you want this job offer. Never write anything about why it would be great for you. Because you are in a bad situation and you are looking for help. Recruiters in Dubai just hate that so much. 

Another point is your personal and family circumstances. They, of course, should remain private only for you. As with your resume, the hiring manager wants to know what you can do for the company.

On what you need to focus?

Try to always keep your cover letter mainly focused on this job offer. Make sure you put enough details on why you are the right executive for the job and worthy of an interview. On the other hand, make sure that employers will find you as a valuable person from abroad. 

Always take the time before you send your details. Make sure how to write a targeted cover letter for each employer. Yes, we know it is a hard task. But that is the only way to get a job in Dubai. Always match your qualifications with job offers. So the recruiter can see why you’re a good candidate.

Make sure you match your experience with potential jobs offers. Career searching is a long process in the UAE. So, in reality, your experience compares to classified online jobs needs to be almost perfect. Well, generally speaking, your experience needs to be close to perfect in Dubai. Because there are thousands of people in the Middle East and Asia. 

And every day they are sending own CV to recruiters. So, try to have experience as close as possible. And make sure that your experience match between the job and you as a candidate.

What is important?

It’s super important to take the time and effort especially in a busy place such as Dubai. And slowly searching for jobs offers that are match your qualifications to the job description.

It’s up to you to show the hiring manager why you’re perfect for the job. Leave the guesswork out of the equation.

Well, another mistake that you can do is just dressing inappropriately for a job interview in Dubai. This country is, of course, a Muslim country, but business ethics works well in this country. 

Try to not overdressed on the interview process. Because that can hurt you almost as much as looking like an idiot. Before you get an invitation to a meeting to try to do a little bit of research on the company and the work environment.

Can you ask others for an honest opinion?

Do you know anyone in the organisation you have just applied?. If not use Linkedin and ask people who are working there for a dress code. So, if you do not sure about details get others opinion it is simple and effective. Ask others on what they are wearing on a daily basis. That will be the first thing the hiring manager will notice in Dubai.

5 Saying the Wrong Thing at a Job Interview

The fifth point is all about saying the things right in a proper time. As you just applied with resume and cover letter. A recruiter from Dubai will have some idea about who you are and what you do for a living

More than 60% of the bad sort of speaking details. Should not be said, that is better you should be left unsaid negatives details during the job interview. For example, your personal or business fails during career development. Or on the other hand, why did you have a few months gap in your experience

On what you need to focus then?

The interview should be all about what you can do for the company if you were offered the job. Share the skills and qualifications that make you the ideal person for the position. What you should be doing in Dubai?.

Focusing yourself on making a match between yourself and the employment offer. On the other hand, saying way too much can knock you out of the candidate option for a job.

6 Stop – Interview Mistakes in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates are way better than any of the countries. And for sure in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah you will have an interview that simply didn’t work out.

Sometimes, it just wasn’t meant to be, and your experience is the right way for this job offer. Even if you manage to pass an interview and you hadn’t blown it in the UAE.

However, there are some interview and general mistakes that are easily avoidable. For example, do not be late, never wait for a callback. It just way better to call the potential recruiter and shows him that you want a job. 

7 Make Sure You Have References from the UAE

One of the most important details for getting a job in Dubai. Is just simply have a set of references from Dubai based organisation in your CV. And always be ready to give contact details when you’re doing a job searching.

Human Resource managers are going to have a look at each of them. 

The worst case you do not want to have happened is getting your ex-managers at the last minute and telling them you need to provide a credential how good and how strong you can work.  

At first, give a call to your HR department. Then create a list of references ready to provide but only from United Arab Emirates companies. What you should be doing in Dubai?. Keep your own option open and never burn bridges. You never know when you need them. 

8 Forgetting to Follow Up After Interview 

Another bad behaviour is to not following up after a job interview. In some cases can help you get a job. For example, it will give you one more chance to remind about you and to make a good impression.

Recruiters in Dubai like to be appreciated for their time and effort. So, a smartly made thank you email usually one day after the interview. Definitely is a good way to show you appreciate the time and the opportunity that you have to manage.

Following up also gives you another chance to once again add some of the important things you have forgotten.  For example, anything you wish you had said during the interview. Like your experience with xyz company. Or additional certificate that may help them decide to take you on board.

9 Leaving Your Job with Negative Feedback 

Most of the expats in Dubai. They do not think in the right way. Well, What you should be doing in Dubai?. Not saying anything bad about the company when you are living

Because it matters what you say on the way out from corporation. And for sure managers, there are still remember you. So, opinion about you it does matter in the long term.

For example, prospective recruiters typically check references from last 3 up to 6 employers. So, if you left your last job on a bad note. And managers from there will say you done a fraud it could come back to haunt you. So, try to use your brain and keep emotion study. Moreover, do not ever tell your ex-company that was a mistake. 

10 What you should be doing in Dubai to survive?

Always try to keep your mind in the right way. Do not ever try to do fraud. The best way is, to be honest, and working hard to reach a goal. Dubai is a very strict country that does not allow any of the criminal activity. Moreover, any of the bad decision will put you in trouble and you will land in a local jail in Dubai or you will be deported to your own homeland. That is a fact, and it will apply to you. 

The ability to think ahead of the ability to act…

Smart moves will make your dream job available!

With that in mind, Indians and Pakistani trying to get a job in the UAE. So, with everyday intense competition, these tasks seem impossible. But in reality, it is just a word.

So, get yourself and set up a few jobs interviews on the spot. Now you know what you can’t do in Dubai. Now is a time for getting your career hunting into a plan of action. The CV and cover letter must be polished and well written.

How to set up an interview? Just do it!

However, many of expats, even the well experienced managers from South Africa and Filipinos. Some times are finding it hard to get a decent interview in a middle size business.

You need to avoid certain Dubai’s type of mistakes. Because they will lower your chances of actually getting an option for securing a job position. And for sure lower your chance for scoring that particular management job offer.

We are always trying to ensure job seekers from abroad. That the same rules applying for every expat in Dubai. And the Middle East definitely is a great place that waits for your future.

So, if you follow the UAE worthy rules. You should get a job in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. And always try to make your dream job, a reality. No matter how bad is look like. Try to avoid potholes. And fight to the last breath.

What you should be doing in Dubai
What you should be doing in Dubai?

What tactics use as a freshly graduated student?

In the worst position are freshly graduated students with MBA experience. It just not makes any sense why all the young students would do not have a chance of getting employment in Dubai.

The youngest job seekers will attempt to perform this massive debt after they graduate from university. And will be left all by themselves. So, in reality, they need to make money the most.

As a new person in Dubai’s job market. You need to start low, stop thinking that you are an educated person. You need to start slowly moving up in a corporate world. From there-there is no exception. For any person no matter what field of study they manage to do to get a job in Dubai.

What tactics use as a Manager in Dubai?

Well experienced people having much more options. But in the United Arab Emirates, there is a world of mouth and connection as a number one factor that allows you to get a job at a management level.

You may think it is unfair for you as an expat. But would you give your company to the person you do not even know?. So, Dubai is kind of a good place but there is a law that you must follow. And if you hire a wrong person and he does mistakes.

Unfortunately, it is a funder fault and legally he is responsible to fix that up. And in most cases that is taking a lot of stress and a huge amount of money and of course a few months time.

Dubai is just Amazing Place!
Manager in Dubai

ConclusionWhat you should be doing in Dubai?

Searching for a career in Dubai requires a set of patience and determination. So, generally speaking, not everyone will be blessed for getting employment in a smart city. Hope you have received few tips from Dubai City Company. And you will use them to achieve your dream employment in Dubai.

Always update your Curriculum Vitae. Then keep your cover letter specifically created for a job offer. Send CV on a regular basis and check job advert experience before sending CV to potential employers.

Well, before people were able to cheat in the CV. But that times come to the end. Now a simple background check is done with almost every executive. So, if they check that it will do more harm than good. And in Dubai, there is a thin line with your honestly.

What you should be doing to Get a job in the UAE?

Before You Go!

What you should be doing before you go!. Get down the lists of jobs opportunities and apply one by one. For good jobs offers you should have applied only on legit job sites.

Check scam adviser and have thorough knowledge about the respective company. Important contacts or references play an important role in getting jobs. Socialize online and at formal events for more job opportunities.

So, go on the website and add the web address. You find these companies difficult to check online. You should not consider paying any of these recruiters. Some of them can help you to get jobs on your behalf. But fortunately, most of them are just scam companies.

Dubai City Company on Scam Adviser, over 85% and safe to use
What you should be doing in Dubai?

Considering all that said above!

Dubai and job searching evidently is a hard deal to manage. A lot of obstacle and thousands, of course, to find your dream job maybe not even worth it in the end.

You will be getting jobs offers with some basic skills like customers service commission base opportunities. However, getting the position of your dreams may be not possible in Dubai at the beginning. So, try to get any job offer at the beginning and slowly move up on a corporate level. So, What you should be doing in Dubai? For sure make your ass move to the next stage. Hardcore job searching and work ethic. Stop dreaming about Arabic dream jobs.

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