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Why Is Dubai So Popular With South East Asian Visitors?

Why Is Dubai So Popular With South East Asian Visitors?

Why Is Dubai So Popular With South East Asian Visitors?

Why Is Dubai So Popular With South East Asian Visitors?

It’s believed that almost 16 million people come to visit Dubai every single year – and with an increasing number of them coming from South East Asian countries such as Singapore and Thailand, it’s worth exploring just why this is the case. From its shopping malls to its perfect distance from major South East Asian air terminals, there are plenty of reasons why Dubai is a great destination.

Why Is Dubai So Popular With South East Asian Visitors?
Why Is Dubai So Popular With South East Asian Visitors?

A chance to spend

South East Asia is home to some of the world’s most vibrant emerging economies, such as Vietnam and Thailand. And as a result of this, there is more and more high net worth individuals and other people with spending power, and they’re all on the hunt for somewhere to flash the cash. Dubai, with its many shopping malls, offers a fantastic opportunity to indulge in some luxury goods. With branches of high-end western stores such as Hamley’s toy shop and Bloomingdale’s department store available at the famous Dubai Mall, there’s plenty of appeal for those who want to spend.

Perfect distance

Going on vacation is always fun, but there are certain advantages and disadvantages associated with each mode of holiday-making. Flying somewhere close by can cut down on jet lag and time wasted travelling, but it can also reduce the level of choice available. Part of the reason why Dubai is popular with South East Asian travellers is that it’s a perfect sweet spot between long-haul and short-haul. A direct flight from Bangkok to Dubai takes just over six hours, while Ho Chi Minh City to Dubai is just over seven.

There are lots of different airlines offering services on the routes between major South East Asian metropolises and Dubai. Emirates, which is the national airline of Dubai and the other areas of the United Arab Emirates, runs many of them – but Cathay Pacific, China Southern and others are also available to choose from. And while most flights run on time and as planned, it’s worth to get travel insurance to protect yourself against unforeseen events while travelling, like cancellations or transport problems.

Cultural overlap

And it’s also the case that there are some cultural similarities between South East Asia and Dubai, too. Certain entertainment forms, such as drinking alcohol, are not highly popular in South East Asia: Indonesia, for example, has a very controlled alcohol industry due to its predominantly Muslim population. This sort of trend goes down very well in Dubai, as it’s against the law to drink alcohol in most parts of the country.

Dubai holds a lot of promise for anyone who wants to visit it, and everything from shopping to culture is on offer here. That explains why there are people queuing up to visit the Middle Eastern powerhouse every single year, and why it’s likely to remain highly popular in the years to come.

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