Everyone knows NFT is the most important speak within the crypto house proper now, and all of us have been seeing individuals making tons of cash by flipping some JPEGs, it sounds utterly insane and unbelievable however it’s what it’s!

On this video, Wojak will attempt to flip NFTs for a revenue, let’s watch is he is ready to do it efficiently or he fails right here too.


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Robin Pratama
13 days ago

People who got into this not knowing that nft market is all about money, hype, and overvalue thing. They could easily manipulate things like how they could pay many youtuber by giving them a piece of their nft in exchange for advertising their nft project. Ofc this youtuber want the nft to get hype, so their nft piece could go skyrocketed.

If you want to enter this game you better know how it works first. It is possible to be super rich, but there is many trap along the way.

The yeet god of all times 1122

I have 6,350 dollars worth of nfts

13 days ago

evil nft user be like "i do not enjoy violently slaughtering polar bears and drinking the fluids inside for my own gain"

ThataWhat N.
13 days ago

I’m not usually a spiteful person but I wish that anyone who contribute to this NFT shit fall down a stair case then gets their kneecaps removed. It’s a way for shitty “artist”(don’t even want to call them that) to make a quick buck. And literally everybody could’ve just save the pic them selves

13 days ago

NFTs are our modern day equivalent of the "Dutch tulip market" – except they are even more baseless and worthless

13 days ago

I feel like NFT's will branch out to be full-on 3D models instead of 2D images. Where you can view your 3D model which can be used to be 3D printed or something or like put in a virtual room. Alot more visually pleasing then a 2D image tbh.

Just call me ORANGE!
13 days ago

NFTs are trash, feel free to screenshot

Wolfgang Koeppen
13 days ago

Ayy Pepe cards are back!

azam farh
13 days ago

The funniest part to me is Sergey Nazarov buying McDonald's, the creator must be a link marine

Blackyonbi Kage
13 days ago

Bear market grows
Bull market grows
But pigs, they get slaughtered.

13 days ago

99% of nft buyers saw a video convincing them to buy, realised they just lost a shit ton of money, then doubled down and tried to convince others that they aren’t losers.

Boss G
13 days ago

NFTs don't have real value or purpose.

13 days ago

Seriously all the insiders were in on this in March… 4 months ahead of everyone else. It’s dead, kinda. Risky as a wet noodle. At this point your only making the insiders money.

13 days ago


Ipmar mar
13 days ago

Can u make wojak having a good time with trading.. i feel sad on him

Hound Dog
13 days ago

Don't worry wojak I liked it. I screenshotted it like 40 times already

13 days ago

The sad reality of NFTs: Thousands of small artists paying fees to mint their works and ending up with a net loss, while you only hear about the huge sales which are actually faked by crypto bros who buy each other's assets to hype up the price and scam people.

Rab 777
13 days ago

Best money laundering scheme ever, “Art” always has been.

13 days ago

Technological Unemployment… have you coined that yet?

13 days ago

He actually snagged a gorilla nemesis for under $100! Hahah he is up nice af on that.

trevionne robinson
13 days ago

Nfts has to be a scam

joaco galt
13 days ago

Guys, buy saitama today, thank me on Saturday.

The Crypto Magpie.
13 days ago

I know nothing about NFT`s, and don`t plan on doing so anytime soon..