Aug.27 — OpenSea CEO Devin Finzer talks to Bloomberg’s Emily Chang concerning the explosive improve in NFT transactions and taking the digital sector mainstream.

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Nu Terra
3 months ago

It's gonna be awesome when XRP does NFTs. Video game NFTs can be a full time business lol.

Citizen Four
3 months ago

@2:10 "How do we know these are going to be worth something some day?"

Are you daft? They're worth something now! The same question could be asked of ANYTHING that's traded, including all that mediocre "modern art" Sotheby's sells every month. Govts impose the value of their fiat currencies from the barrel of a gun and you accept it, but here people choose to mutually agree on the value and you question it? Watching finance channels REALLY exposes how the modern world is based on violence!

Gabriel Coelho
3 months ago

I love how innovative people are in finding new ways to launder money! Way easier than collecting Picassos, those take up too much room anyway.

3 months ago

ironic that he compares NFTs to beany babies -the over hyped 90s 'collectables' which are now worthless

Billy boa
3 months ago

Poly Socks NFT on opensea is it worth to buy ? Unisocks selling 160k this is only 100 $

3 months ago

5:28 Love the Polygon support. 👍👍👍

3 months ago

Nft maker: these are collectable because I say so hence they are worth money.

“But they have no story, history, or background and you literally just made thousands of them out of thin air. With little to no effort. This is just a dog in a hat with no context.“

Nft investor: yup, 2000$ minimum each please.

A. Ali
3 months ago


A. Ali
3 months ago