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May 9, 2019
Become Blogger With Dubai City Company in the UAE!

Become Blogger With Dubai City Company!

Get Your First 100% Free Blog Post Here! Are you a Content Writer? Become Blogger With Dubai City Company! Do you have pictures from Dubai?. Amazing Story that you would like to post on our website?. Or even you would like to write an article about your trip to Dubai. Our company is looking forward to hearing from you!. Become Blogger With Dubai City Company! Please Help us and Promote Your Brand the UAE! Do you love Dubai? 🔥 Dubai Blog on Fire! Would you be so kind and write an article for us about Dubai City?👳 We will post it 100% Free! Are you able to help job seekers and other expats from all over the world?. Write your personal experience of visiting Dubai. If you have travelled to […]
September 27, 2019

The United Arab Emirates – Guide for Expats

The Seven Emirates ABU DHABI The United Arab Emirates – Guide for Expats. Abu Dhabi is the largest of all seven emirates with an area of 67,340 square kilometres, equivalent to 86.7 per cent of the country’s total area, excluding the islands. It has a coastline extending for more than 400 kilometres and is divided for administrative purposes into three major regions. The first region encompasses the city of Abu Dhabi which is both the capital of the emirate and the federal capital. Sheikh Zayed, President of the UAE resides here. The parliamentary buildings in which the federal Cabinet meets, most of the federal ministries and institutions, the foreign embassies, state broadcasting facilities, and most of the oil companies are also located in Abu Dhabi, which is also the home […]
September 27, 2019

Jobs at Bayt – No.1 Job portal in the UAE

Apply for a job.. Freshly updated jobs offer. Upload CV 100% Free to Bayt! This company is really hiring executives from all over the MENA region. Bayt is one of the most trusted companies in the United Arab Emirates. Please have a look at our updated feeds. Moreover, grab interesting jobs from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia or Qatar. With you can find the latest jobs available in the Middle East. Thousands of expats from Pakistan and India working in the Middle East today. More than 40% of expats having an account with this company. Please select a valid formClick here to open FormPrevent Duplicate EntryForm is successfully submitted. Thank you!Looking for Jobs in Dubai?Uplod CV for Only $5 - You can have a job in UAE, Qatar or Saudi […]
August 26, 2019
Royal Visas

Royal Visas – Start work in Canada, US, Europe

Royal Visa Immigration Consultancy Royal Visas with our company has now become available. We have helped people from Mumbai and Hyderabad, India to get a job in the U.S, Canada and Europe. Our team has purchased an old Visa company to help you reach International places from all over the globe!. We are now helping students as well as international workers to get a Visa in the United States and Canada and as well as Europe. Our company managing a lot of tasks for international expats. We are helping people from different background. As our company purchased several old companies to help expats to get a USA Visitor Visa, or working visa. We are one of the best jobs Consultants in Mumbai and Hyderabad. We have now stepped for USA […]
August 25, 2019
Ministry Mumbai

Ncvt Mis Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship

Ncvt Mis – Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship ( NCVT ) There is a thousand people in India who are looking for work. Our company has manage to do a quick guide for all people in India about Ncvt Mis scores and of course how to find them. Our guide also manage to have a links and quick information on how to get yourslef there with good scores. The Indian National Council for Vocational Training, an advisory body, was set up by the Government of India in 1956. Since then helping people from all over the India to get a job. Moreover, the then National Council of Training in Vocational Trades—NCTVT arleady trained thousands of people. Example of NCVT ITI course: Electrician Special IT Supervisor Fitter Draughtsman civil Electronic […]
June 21, 2019

Moving to Dubai – Discover All That’s Possible

Dubai City United Arab Emirates Discover All That’s Possible DUBAI CITY – I LOVE DUBAI CITY Welcome to Dubai City Company we are an amazing company in smart business city. Dubai City is a beautiful and amazing place to visit as a tourist, job seeker or even you can start work and live as an international job seeker. Dubai City has something amazing for everyone. Dubai City is an excellent and astonishing city to visit, work and live. Dubai has something exceptional for each job seekers. Moreover, you can have the next occasion to get a job in the United Arab Emirates or simply go to Dubai City? If so then again apply for jobs in UAE. Middle East is The best!  If you are looking to find a […]
June 20, 2019
12 common mistakes passengers shouldn’t make whilst on the Dubai Metro

12 common mistakes passengers shouldn’t make whilst on the Dubai Metro

12 common mistakes passengers shouldn’t make whilst on the Dubai Metro The Dubai Metro is a popular means of public transport for residents and tourists in Dubai. Ever since it started operations in 2009, the convenient rapid transit rail network has a route system which grants easy access to most of the tourist, residential and business areas in the city. This makes it a valuable transportation choice for beating the traffic in the city. To use the metro, you’ll need a valid Nol card which you can buy or top up from the metro station ticket office, vending machines and RTA approved agents. Metro users with valid Emirates IDs can enjoy several discounts to some of Dubai’s famous attractions such as At the Top Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall F&B outlets, […]
June 20, 2019
Best Places to Visit and Travel Attractions in Dubai in 2019

Best Places to Visit and Travel Attractions in Dubai in 2019

Best Places to Visit and Travel Attractions in Dubai in 2019 (Source: Many people love to travel to Dubai because of the many attractions and sites. Many return to experience unique places and activities. There are numerous sites and things to do that you cannot experience all of them during a single visit. There are theme parks, monuments, unique architecture, malls, and fun activities. Tips for Visiting Different Places There are so many travel attractions in Dubai, and to make your experience enjoyable and comfortable, ensure that you choose the best hotels in Dubai. This will enable you to easily visit different sites. Remember that the climate can be harsh, so wear a hat, sunscreen, and light but decent clothes. When visiting mosques ensure that you follow the rules […]
June 20, 2019
Future of Cardiology

Future of Cardiology Will Be Defined by Digital, Mobile Advances

Future of Cardiology Will Be Defined by Digital, Mobile Advances (Source: Future of Cardiology Will Be Defined by Digital, Mobile Advances Advancement in digital health such as mobile apps, wearable heart monitors, and artificial intelligence will revolutionize the future of cardiovascular treatment. It is possible to use technology for self-diagnosis at home. With new technology and upgrades sprouting every fortnight, more people continue to adopt the use of smartphone apps to monitor their health. Many apps related to cardiovascular health are available and free in different app stores. The rising numbers of heart disease cases in the UAE are alarming, and even people as young as 45 years suffer heart attacks. Cardiovascular UAE specialists claim that heart diseases are the leading cause of death in the region. They say […]
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